Remote Work Accelerating Need for Archon Solution Suite

Written by ID Technologies    January 7, 2021

A shift to remote work has accelerated the need for solutions like ID Technologies‘ Archon Solution Suite. The security, boundary, and technical challenges that persist when having to operate remotely, while still accessing government classified networks, are enormous. ID Technologies’ suite of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) enabled products can securely connect the Cyber warrior at the last mile endpoint to the cloud.

When the Archon ZV secure laptop or phone – a CSfC compliant endpoint built on a Dell Laptop or Google Pixel phone which can be used for secure access to multi-domains – and Archon CF – an enterprise gray cloud fabric solution which provides last mile transport to those critical end users – are paired together, the Archon Suite enables secure cloud connectivity virtually anywhere in the world.

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Article: Dell Technologies’ Steve Septoff: Telework Furthers Government IT Modernization Push 

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Happy Memorial Day!

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